Explore Github projects faster with github1s

We all know it: You're on Github, looking for an interesting project or code snippet and you're just TIRED of clicking through the same UI over and over again. Actually, we have much nicer tools to navigate through software projects. Code editors for example!

Meet github1s

With github1s you can open any Github project in VSCode in no time. Directly in your browser.

github1s brings the complete feature stack of VS Code to the web. You can use all the features that are available to you in Github itself, also in the online editor.

You could even create an Alfred Skill that works according to the following syntax:


If you want to have the whole thing built into the Github UI, you can make use of a useful Chrome extension by fhefh2016. I've been using the extension for a few days now and always find myself jumping into github1s right away.